Tuesday, April 16, 2002

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if i had to choose any word to describe my life it would be: drama. today, my brothers and i were jumping in the trampoline. i accidentally jumped and lost my balance and landed on top of eddie and he starts crying like a girl getting murdered. he cries about everything and i always get the blame. it's so disgusting to see how everyone has to bow down to him. i'll tell you one thing, he doesn't have my sympathy.

today had to be one of thee worst days. i woke up feeling dizzy and my throat hurting like, pardon my french, hell. i got to school and the pain gets worst. on my way to 4th period i see the love of my life holding hands with some, sorry, unbelievably ugly chic. i could have died. so, now the whole world knows.. michael has a girlfriend. ;(